Private Boat Rental Agreement

The company “Salty tales – Boat Rental”, legally represented by Christos G. Koutras,  hereinafter  referred to as LESSOR

The LESSOR rents the boat to the LESSEE, under the conditions stated in this agreement:

  1. The vessel is ready for sailing, accompanied by all the necessary equipment and the relevant documents provided for by the relevant legislation, fit for use.
  2. About the vessel:
  3. a) The control of the vessel is done by the LESSEE and he receives it, as long as its condition is satisfactory to him.
  4. b) The boat is delivered full of fuel and upon delivery, consumption is borne by the LESSEE after payment on the spot at the company’s headquarters.
  5. c) The boat is insured for bodily injury and property damage resulting from a collision at sea against third parties.
  6. The LESSOR bears no responsibility for:
  7. a) The loss or damage of the LESSEE’s property during the LEASE
  8. b) Injury or death to RENTER and passengers during rental.
  9. THE LESSEE agrees and accepts:
  10. a) To deliver the boat to the LESSOR in the condition in which he received it – any damage caused to the boat due to mishandling or negligence is entirely his responsibility.
  11. b) To deliver the boat to the LESSOR at the agreed time – early return does not entitle the LESSOR to demand a refund.
  12. c) Not to allow any of the persons on board during the lease to operate the vessel.
  13. d) Any movement of the vessel without the presence of the LESSEE on it is prohibited, as well as the addition of the intended passengers as well as the transportation of goods and materials.
  14. e) Any movement of the vessel in areas prohibited by the laws in force in the Greek Territory, as well as the exit of the vessel from Greek Territorial Waters, is prohibited.
  15. The rent was agreed in the amount of ………………. € and pay in advance to the lessor, and this is proven by issuing a corresponding document.
  16. This agreement gives the LESSOR the right, if in his opinion the LESSEE does not comply with the above conditions or is not fit for the use of the boat, to withhold the rental fee.
  17. For any dispute arising in this agreement, the laws in force in the Greek Territory shall apply and the Courts of Santorini shall be competent. In recognition of this, this agreement was drawn up in two (2) copies, signed by the parties and each of them received one copy.